Who Needs Life Coaching?

Have you ever felt slightly unbalanced when returning to Dubai from a holiday abroad, especially if that holiday was with extended family or friends? Life coaching may be just what you need to get back on solid ground. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Our time away can shake us up and cause those questions, that are often left in the depth of our minds, to suddenly spring to the front of our thoughts; questions such as:

 Is this really the life I want?
 Should I be living in Dubai?
 Is this the job for me?
 Am I moving forwards with my life?
 Is this the right relationship?
 Am I really this stuck and doing nothing about it?
 Why am I still feeling sad/bitter/angry about past events?
 Why does everyone seem to have a passion but me?”

It’s completely normal to feel slightly unhinged, like a snow globe that has been shaken up, after a time away from your expat life and host country.

This is especially true if, when you decided to become an expat, you were trying to leave your old life behind, but you did this without figuring out your inner thoughts, first. The trick would have been to also declutter your thoughts, to the point where you could let them go and then you could fly off with a brand new perspective on life, and a brand new beginning.

This isn’t the only reason though for experiencing that shaken up feeling, there are plenty of other reasons, some of which are:
 if we are returning to a situation where we’ve tried to adopt values that are not true to our own.
 when we are trying to be someone who does not share our core values.
 when we have chosen friends who are not in line with our idea of life.

The problem is that, often alone, we don’t know how to reach an answer to those very hard questions that pop into our heads. So, we decide to confide in our loved ones and trusted friends; after all we don’t want to be revealing our inner most thoughts to just anyone. Unfortunately, they no more have the answer than we do, so they brush our worries aside, saying “don’t worry it will pass” or “don’t think about that, you’re doing fine,” or worse still they project their lives, fears and worries onto ours.

Not knowing the answers to these questions and not knowing where to go to find them, we first berate ourselves for being so stupid, then we try hard to push all these thoughts back down by jumping into our daily routines, escaping into a “busy” life of work, brunches, shopping, golf, or whatever else this wonderful city has to offer. In this busy place we know there will be no more time to think about the hard stuff and we convince ourselves that life if just fine, even if there is still that tiny niggle in the back of our minds.

There is another way

Uncluttering your past, finding the values of your present and mapping out a life you want for the future is not only possible but achievable in the here and now with life coaching. And once you’ve done the work with a professional life coach, you will never look back.

But why do we need a life coach? We are all experienced in life, after all.

We are all able to drive a car, but would you fix your own car if you don’t understand the complex mechanical and electrical components of a car, how they work together and make your car run smoothly and reliably? Would you ask your friends or relatives to do it for you if they had no experience? Probably not. We all use the taps in our homes, but would you expect your relatives or friends to correctly fix a leaking tap, when in reality they have no idea how to go about this? Probably not. We all go on holiday too, but we don’t ask our relatives to fly us there unless they are experienced in aviation and have a spare plane lying around. So why is it that we expect our friends or family (or even ourselves) to fix our life problems, when neither you or they likely have formal training, or the tools required to use in this area? When we need a job to be done properly we seek a professional and this is equally as important when we are seeking to follow a life with meaning, purpose and flow.

This is What you can Expect in a Life Coaching Program

1. Goal setting – your steps to success (be it career or relationships)
2. Understanding and eliminating fears
3. Uncluttering your past – learning how to reverse negative thought patterns and eliminate limiting beliefs in order to have the space and clarity in your mind to move forwards
4. Taking responsibility for your success
5. Learning the power of gratitude and how to harness it
6. Discovering your true values and applying them to your life
7. Building resilience, assertiveness and communication skills so that you can follow the life that you want.

To book a 1-2-1 or find out more about group life coaching courses, call or whats app on 050 5186821 or contact us through our website.

Together we can build the life you want….
Because life doesn’t have to happen to you, it can happen by you….