Anne is fast becoming one of Dubai’s leading Career, Relationship & Self Development Coaches. Regularly interviewed and featured on Radio, TV and various publications, she is considered as a thought leader in her field. With over 5 years’ experience and 1000’s of hours in 1:1 coaching, training, workshops and motivational speaking – from individuals to multinationals; highly stressed bankers, couples with relationship issues, to exam stressed teenagers – – Anne knows the secrets of career, relationship and life success and her goal is to help people maneuver through life in a happy, positive way.

With a passion for positive psychology, Anne started her working life in a large Multinational where, not only was she able to put her five languages to good use, she was able to see and apply firsthand the power of psychology to the world of Advertising. Anne then moved into the Education field and was one of the first teachers in the UK selected to train in how to integrate Positive Teaching and Learning into the classroom. With her degree in International Marketing & Advertising, her Masters in Education and her Professional Accreditation in Life, Self Development and Wellness Coaching, Anne is an expert in unlocking human potential.

Founder of One Life Coaching, an organisation dedicated to helping people maximise their potential in whatever they do, as well as an active member of the Association of Coaches and the British School of Coaching,  Anne works closely with her clients to delve deeper into their values systems to identify their strengths, enhance self-awareness and increase understanding as to what drives their behavior, in order to align personal, relationship, career and organisational goals moving forward.

Passionate about helping people discover their strengths, talents and motivations, Anne enables people to rid themselves of the heavy burdens of their past, untangle the quagmire of their present and inspire them to create the life and career they truly want for their future.

Anne’s belief is simple: we only get One Life so make it count and make it happy -turn up to your life comfortable with who you are, ready to give 100% of yourself because when you do, that’s when you begin to get 100% back from others and that is where true success begins in work, relationships and life.

Using various Coaching models and techniques, Anne tailor makes a program to suit you personally, to help you find the link between your mind and your success. She will help you understand why you think and behave the way you do and how your thinking impacts the results in your life. You will become more self-aware, developing higher levels of emotional intelligence and enhanced communication skills. She will help you identify and let go of any habits, fears and limiting beliefs standing between you and your goals, so that you can be free to be whom you want to be, achieve what you want and live how you wish. Anne truly believes everyone has a right to be successful, fulfilled and happy. And it’s her mission to show you how.

As one of her working partners puts it:

“Anne connects the dots. She has this uncanny ability to ask you questions that make you stop, think and question things from the inside. Anne is excellent at helping you take the next step up the difficult climbs of life, not only because of her professional knowledge and expertise, but equally as important, because she has already made that journey up herself and so she helps pull you up from the top. I realise with absolute clarity that it is one thing to be a qualified coach, it’s another thing all together to be a qualified coach that has seen and experienced all other sides. When I now hear those triggers about work life balance, a need for a change or absent husbands, I know EXACTLY who to refer them to because without a shadow of a doubt Anne will help you figure out what life you really want and how to go about achieving it.”

Anne has also long been a strong community advocate and strongly believes in giving back which is why she founded Leaves Dubai, a free support group for those who feel trapped in difficult relationships. Anne empowers people to be able to take back control of their role in the partnership. Leaves Dubai meets once a month and is a huge assistance to many people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Anne works closely with lawyers who attend meetings to give pro-bono advice, the British Embassy and other agencies to ensure that people in distress are given the support needed to move forwards positively. She has also long been a mentor at the E7 programme and Promise of A Generation (POAG) initiative, which brings together young women ages 18-25 to develop and implement team projects that benefit their communities.

As Anne herself puts it:

“To find true success, you have to first learn how to conquer – not control – your thoughts and emotions, so that you are free to live your own happy, authentic life.”