Passionate about helping others, Anne knew from a very young age that she wanted to help people gain different perspectives on how to improve their lives. Anne has lived and worked in England, France, Brazil, Portugal and Mexico but for the last 16 years has resided and worked full time in Dubai. Anne is an active member of the Association of Coaches and the British School of Coaching. She has also long been a mentor at the E7 programme and Promise of A Generation (POAG) initiative, which brings together young women ages 18-25 to develop and implement team projects that benefit their communities.  Wellness, Relationship, Divorce, Career and Life Coaching is fulfilling Anne’s passion for helping people move forward, in a positive and successful way.

Anne has over 1,000 hours of coaching practice behind her, seeing a variety of clients on a 1-2-1 basis as well as giving talks to a cross section of people, from highly stressed bankers to divorcing couples, to exam stressed teenagers. Her goal is to help people maneuver through change in a positive way.

Anne also runs a free community group for people having relationship difficulties leading to separation and divorce. With no money, resources or premises, Leaves Dubai started small, with one other co-founder and only one or two members, but since its inception has grown to be of huge assistance to many people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Anne now works closely with lawyers who attend meetings to give pro-bono advice, the British Embassy and other agencies to ensure that people in distress are given the support needed to move forwards positively.

Anne’s work has led to many magazine and newspaper articles in the UAE – the most recent being the article she wrote herself for Good Magazine entitled “7 ways to avoid the pitfalls of Expat Marriages” and before that in the Gulf News Wellness supplement to do with when and why should you use a Life Coach – as well as appearing on a well-known TV chat show in Dubai. Please visit our in the media section to see more.

One of Anne’s Professional Partners recently described Anne’s work:

“Anne connects the dots. Anne has this uncanny ability to ask you questions that make you stop, think and question things from the inside. What’s more, with Anne you just know she’s been there herself without her ever having to tell you so. Anne is excellent at helping you take the next step up the difficult climbs of life, not only because of her professional knowledge and expertise, but equally as important, because she has already made that journey up herself and so she helps pull you up from the top. I realise with absolute clarity that it is one thing to be a qualified coach, it’s another thing all together to be a qualified coach that has seen and experienced all other sides. When I now hear those triggers about work life balance, a need for a change or absent husbands, I know EXACTLY who to refer them to because without a shadow of a doubt Anne will help you figure out what life you really want and how to go about achieving it.”

In her spare time, you can find Anne enjoying the company of her two children, spending many a day on the beach, as well as enjoying all the activities the U.A.E has to offer. Anne is also currently finishing her first book which is due to be published soon.